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iPod user? You can save too

iPod/iPhone users don't have to use iTunes to buy music, you can still compare and download music from other providers to your iPod/iPhone. Once you've downloaded your MP3, most providers will automatically add it to your iTunes library or at least give you the option. If not, you should be able to simply drag and drop the folder into iTunes.

Q. How does it work?

When you type in a song or album it zips to nine major music download retailers to find the best price. In some cases, these are already stored, as the site also repeatedly builds a database of prices by scanning the various retailers every 24 hours.

There can be small pricing errors in between scan times. If you spot any errors please email tunechecker@tunechecker.com. However please note itunes only provides its data to external sites once a week so its price can sometimes be out of date.

So simply use the menu to browse the iTunes top 40 or use the search box to look for a specific artist, track or album.

Who's included?

Currently the following retailers are included in the TuneChecker: iTunes, Amazon, Play, 7digital, HMV, we7, Tesco, Orange & Tunetribe. If you think we're missing a provider please email: tunechecker@tunechecker.com (we are currently looking to add Sky Songs and Juno).

Q. Are they DRM free tracks?

Yes. DRM, Digital Rights Management is the software designed to control how a file can be used; more specifically how it's downloaded, played, copied and shared. All the providers in the Tunechecker do not use DRM to protect tracks.

Q. Is an mp3 player needed?

You don't need an MP3 player to listen to downloads, you can play them off your laptop or PC using free software like iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Q. MP3s & CDs the same?

In terms of the songs you get downloads are simply a virtual version of a CD, exactly the same minus the case the solid CD! Occasionally CDs might have extra bonus tracks or vice versa. However MP3s are a compressed version of a CD. As such it means the quality of MP3s will be slightly less than a CD, but only those with high-tech speakers or sensitive ears will be able to tell the difference.

You can compare the quality of MP3s by looking at the bit rate of the download - the higher the bit rate, usually the better the quality. Different retailers use various bit rates for tracks. We're looking to add this to info to the TuneChecker in the future.

Q. Can't find a track?

The TuneChecker lists over 9 million tracks, and counting. Most mainstream singles and albums should be there but if there's one you think is missing email tunechecker@tunechecker.com.

Q. Cashback boost?

It's sometimes possible to get cashback on top. Cashback sites are websites that list retailers/product providers and get paid if you click through them. Importantly, they then give some or all of this cash to you.

If you're new to this concept, please read MoneySavingExpert.com's Best Cashback Sites guide before continuing, as while there shouldn't be a problem with these deals, the payout on cashback sites is never guaranteed. If there's a dispute with the retailer and the cashback site doesn't get paid, you don't either.

Back to the TuneChecker: Top 40 Albums | Top 40 Singles | New Releases | Free MP3s